Why Heat Exchangers Need Service

Tennessee heat exchangers, much like any other piece of equipment, need proper maintenance in order to continue running at optimum efficiency. As ideal as it sounds, even heat exchangers in Tennessee can’t simply run forever without needing a cleaning here or a maintenance call there. Luckily, there are plans available for you to use to keep your heat exchangers from shutting down unexpectedly, helping keep your business running constantly and smoothly.

Process Equipment Solutions offers comprehensive repair and cleaning services to avoid those unplanned shutdowns. You can call on Process Equipment Solutions and their highly qualified service engineers to help troubleshoot maintenance issues onsite and advise you at your facility, saving you time and hassle. Process Equipment Solutions also offers training to your staff to handle your routine maintenance, saving valuable time and money on maintenance. They give your staff the expertise to respond quickly to malfunctions and keep equipment properly maintained, reducing shutdown time. Process Equipment Solutions also provides service to all brands of heat exchangers and both plate and frame versions, meaning you can get everything for your heat exchangers from a single, OEM factory.

If plate heat exchanger performance lags, it is possible to improve performance through reconditioning. Reconditioning services include:

  • Disassembly and visual inspection to determine components that can be reconditioned and those that need replacement
  • Removal of glued gaskets, usually with the use of special nitrogen de-bonding systems
  • Plate cleaning
  • Preparation and application of new gaskets to the plates according to updated material specifications
  • Dye-penetrant testing, if required, to verify plate pack integrity

When rotating equipment requires repair, Process Equipment Solutions can provide the following services for decanters and disc stack separators:

  • Standard maintenance, when service in the field is not convenient
  • Welding of areas damaged due to mechanical, chemical or erosion attacks
  • Refitting of wear parts, such as o-rings and gaskets
  • Replacing worn out or damaged items
  • Executing upgrades
  • Balancing static and/or dynamic equipment based on needs and available equipment
  • Conducting a test run, depending on the equipment


All of these services offered by Process Equipment Solutions for Tennessee heat exchangers are normally inconvenient or unavailable to most businesses. Process Equipment Solutions is able to perform these services for you, before the exchangers lose efficiency or fail entirely. Don’t let your heat exchangers go without service and fail; contact the experts at Process Equipment Solutions today.




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