Our understanding of anode precision machining and manufacturing, electrochemistry and the processes requiring precious metal coatings, have served to bring our supplier to the industry forefront as one of the leading manufacturers of Auxiliary Anodes and Cathodes for many different applications-from automotive to circuit boards to wastewater.




Niobium Clad Platinum Titanium Auxiliary Anodes for Specialty Plating

The use of platinum clad / plated titanium auxiliary anodes in hard chrome plating applications improve the anode dimensional, chemical and electrochemical stability over various operating conditions which improves the overall chrome deposit quality and consistency. These anodes are cost effective and cause no bath contamination by the anodes.



Platinum/Mixed Metal Oxide Coated Titanium Anodes for Cathodic Protection

The use of platinum / mixed metal oxide coated titanium anodes in precious metal plating applications offer exceptional electrical field characteristics and eliminate plating bath contamination as a result of anode disintegration. The increased plating speeds and homogeneous distribution of the electrodeposited layer makes these anodes very inexpensive when compared with conventional type anodes. The application of these anodes ins applicable to precious metal plating (gold, rhodium, platinum and palladium) as well as base metal plating (copper, nickel, hard chrome and decorative chrome).



Mixed Metal Oxide Coated Titanium Anodes for Sodium Hypochlorite Generation Cells

Our supplier manufactures a various array of mixed metal oxide coated titanium anodes for sodium hypochlorite generation cells.