A new top speed record for a B100 biodiesel powered boat was set by Ken Riggs and Larry Cowdery on October 20 in the Ohio River near Long Bottom, Ohio.

The record established an official baseline top speed by a piston powered watercraft using B100 as the fuel. The record setting boat is a single engine 21 foot Ultimate Warlock V-bottom boat named “Bad Investment”. The power-plant is a single 6.6L Duramax turbo diesel engine.

A total of ten, one mile passes were made and the top speed achieved was 79 MPH.
The data and video from the event, along with a list of witness statements, will be submitted to Guinness World Records. If it is accepted, the world record will be for “Fastest B100 Biodiesel Powered Boat”.

The B100 used in the boat was provided by JatroDiesel of Miamisburg, Ohio. The boat has run exclusively on biodiesel blends since its purchase by owners Ken and Cristy Riggs three years ago. Most of the fuel used was made from recycled cooking oils. No modifications to the fuel system were needed to accommodate the biodiesel.

To watch a video of Bad Investment setting the top speed record click here

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