Biodiesel continues to play a role in the overall sustainability efforts of one of the country's leading Fortune 500 companies. UPS recently released its 2011 Corporate Sustainability Report, which documents how UPS exceeded four of the seven key sustainability goals it established for 2011. The company met its goals for employee safety, auto accident frequency, aircraft emissions, and full-time employee retention. The report discloses progress on goals involving efficiency of jet fuel use, employee satisfaction, and charitable contributions.

Chief Sustainability Officer for UPS Scott Wicker cited a number of other achievements, including a 3.5 percent decline in overall emissions even though package volume grew by 1.8 percent.

UPS began using biodiesel blends at its most vital hub in Louisville, Kentucky in May of 2011. UPS Worldport processes 416 thousand packages an hour and is the size of 80 football fields. The facility fuels nearly 200 vehicles and diesel-fueled equipment, most of which help load packages on and off the planes.

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