FusionLine, Alfa Laval’s new open flow plate heat exchanger, is a great choice for viscous and particulate products such as juices, prepared foods, soups and sauces, which have traditionally been processed in tubular heat exchangers.

Sanitary hybrid heat exchanger

The Alfa Laval FusionLine is a hybrid heat exchanger engineered for hygienic applications in the dairy, brewery, food and beverage, personal care and pharmaceutical industries.

It combines the energy efficiency, accessibility and modularity of gasketed plate heat exchangers with the viscous- and large particle-handling capabilities of tubular heat exchangers.

FusionLine features an open channel design, which makes the plates fully accessible and promotes thorough, hygienic cleaning using Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) equipment.

Its unique sanitary design with a truly open flow, no contact points and stainless steel frame makes the FusionLine an excellent choice for pasteurization, general cooling and heating of viscous products and products that contain pulp, fibres and particles , such as juices, soups, sauces and prepared foods.

Patented fusion-bonding technique

Two stainless steel plates are bonded into a single cassette using Alfa Laval’s patented AlfaFusion technology. The cassettes are sealed using special thicker gaskets that allow an open channel to run the whole width and length of plate.

High thermal efficiency, increased product quality

Optimize process performance without compromising on product quality or economy. The thin plate design and optimal corrugated plate pattern provides highly efficient heat transfer, a high resistance against product pressure and uniform distribution of the product across the entire surface of the plate. The unique channel geometry ensures gentle product treatment. In addition, a lower shear rate and lower holding time contributes to increased product quality.

Flexible, modular heat exchanger design

The modular design makes FusionLine easy to configure and reconfigure to new or changing process requirements. Plates can easily be added and removed to adapt to changes in production volume or process conditions.

Lower heat exchanger costs

With the FusionLine, you have lower investment and operation and maintenance costs.

  • Lower investment costs – Less expensive purchase price than conventional heat exchangers and reduced costs associated with related equipment, such as pumps, due to an extremely low pressure drop.
  • Lower installation costs – Its compact footprint, which is between 30 and 40% smaller than a tubular heat exchanger, reduces installation costs and makes it easy to install in tight spaces.
  • Lower operating costs –Significant savings in electricity costs can be realized because FusionLine can use a smaller pump than those required for conventional heat exchangers.
  • Lower product loss – Due to the difference in the internal volume, less product is lost which adds directly to your bottom line