Having to replace a cooling tower can be an expensive, problematic endeavor for a company to undergo. According to most manufacturers, the average life expectancy of a typical cooling tower spans around 10-15 years, depending on the type of tower used and the material used in construction. For some companies, simply replacing the entire tower may be the logical route, but if you’re looking to save some money, replacing, expanding, and repairing parts on your cooling tower may increase the lifespan of your tower at a fraction of the cost of a new tower.

If your company has seen increases in demand and your cooling tower isn’t keeping up, instead of purchasing a completely new tower and starting from scratch, you may be able to add additional capacity to an existing tower to help it make demand using the customization of field erect towers. While adding capacity, you can also add on mechanical component upgrades to bring the rest of your tower up to par with the new addition, making your cooling tower more efficient while also keeping up with the growing demand in your business.

Replacing cooling tower parts can also seem like a harrowing task if you have towers and parts for multiple manufacturers. While it might seem like a hassle to find parts when you have more than one manufacturer to sift through, Process Equipment Solutions makes it easy to find Tennessee cooling tower parts that you’re looking for, because they carry any cooling tower part you need, regardless of the manufacturer. Fans, motors, drive shafts, and any other part you can think of can be purchased, making Process Equipment Solutions the one stop shop for replacing cooling tower parts and upgrading existing cooling towers in Tennessee.