Scientists and engineers representing industry, academic and government , discuss innovative strategies for developing sustainable processes and practices in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry. The goal of the meeting is to bring together thought leaders from both industries to assess engineering processes aimed at improving sustainability to justify their return on investment (ROI) and ultimately identify improvement to optimize performance.

Topics Include:

Material Selection and Material Efficiency

This section will cover the options that pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies can consider in the selection of materials such as solvents, catalysts, bases and others, to reduce environment, health and safety concerns. This session also will cover strategies to increase the efficiency of manufacturing processes thus reducing their environmental footprint.

Multi-Use vs Single-Use Process Decisions

This session will address factors that impact this decision analysis such as: technical performance issues, understanding various approaches to costing & economics, process control & automation integration, and utility considerations.

Greening Manufacturing Processes

This session will address various process and facility considerations for reducing the environmental footprint of manufacturing facilities, such as energy efficiency, reduction of water consumption, waste reduction, benign by design, etc.

Sustainable Approaches to Product Delivery from Lab to Patient

This session will address various considerations, e.g., patient needs, safety concerns, cold chain requirements, etc., and how sustainability concerns can be factored into the design process associated with product delivery devices and/or packaging.

Sheraton Old San Juan
San Juan, PR
November 11-14, 2012