Top 3 Heat Exchangers For Tennessee Food Industry

When looking for heat exchangers in Tennessee for the food industry, there are a few key characteristics of the equipment that are a must to consider adding to your workplace. You want your heat exchanger to be safe, efficient, and clean, giving you peak performance and unparalleled hygiene. The top three heat exchangers for food industry all share a common theme in excelling at those three main characteristics while offering options for the cost conscious and innovators of the food industry.

For the innovative, the Alfa Laval FusionLine gives you the world’s first plate heat exchanger with open flow channels and no contact points on the product side. Fusion-bonded plate cassettes on the media side work with a special gasket to combine plate technology’s energy efficiency and accessibility with the viscous and particulate-handling ability of tube technology. This is the heat exchanger Tennessee needs for preparing juices, soft drinks, prepared food, soups and sauces.

If you’re looking for the best on a budget, the Alfa Laval BaseLine series can handle the workload for pasteurization, raw milk cooking, Cleaning-In-Place heating,and media/heating and cooling by utilizing a cost effective frame design. This design allows for pressures up to 10 bar (g) to handle all of your heating, cooling, and low flow pasteurization needs without having to break the bank doing so.

Finally, if you’re needing the top of the line in heat exchangers, the Alfa Laval FrontLine features stainless steel and silver coated frames and multiple varieties of Clip plates including the innovative Gemini and WideStream models. Those Clip plates can even been cleaned via Cleaning-In-Place using the same flow as the process itself, making pasteurization, yoghurt cooling, and working with heat sensitive materials a breeze.