FAQ’s For Custom Fabrication Tanks

In Tennessee, custom fabrication tanks are a vital part of many businesses, but for fledgling business owners or expanding businesses, the concept of a custom tank may be new, and you may have some questions about the tanks themselves. Here’s a few questions the first time custom fabrication tank buyer might ask.


  1. What exactly IS a custom fabrication tank?
    • Simply put, a custom fabrication tank is a storage tank for a wide range of applications with an emphasis on custom. Are you looking to store chemicals? Waste? Petroleum? No problem. Want to use the tank to filter, store, or clean? You can find tanks perfect for that task. Think of custom fabrication tanks like you would an ice cream shop. You get your flavor (the tank) and your cone or cup (the material used for the tank) then add your mix-ins (any special features added to the tank) and voila! You have an ice cream (or tank) built exactly to your specifications, fit exactly for your needs.


  2. Are fabrication tanks just for big projects?
  • Not at all! You can find Tennessee custom fabrication tanks in all shapes and sizes, from the large tanks you typically have in mind to tiny custom fabrication tanks that hold just a few gallons worth of material. That’s one of the big perks of a custom fabrication tank; it can hold as much or as little as you need it to.


  1. Alright, but do the tanks have to look just like normal, circular tanks?
    • Nope. Although most tanks are cylindrical in nature, it is not a requirement with a custom fabrication tank. You may have a unique need for a rectangular tank, a square tank, or other more obtuse shapes; with a custom tank, all of those needs can be fit with a little bit of planning beforehand.


  2. I decided I want to purchase a custom fabrication tank. How exactly will it get here?
    • There’s a few various ways of getting your tank to your work site. In some instances, a barge can be used to transport your completed tank to your worksite, provided it is water-accessible. Tanks can be built onsite, with parts of the tank pre-assembled and shipped to speed the construction process up.
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