We aid customers in solving their liquid and solid handling process problems using agitators, heat exchangers, separators, thermal oxidizers, wet surface air coolers, industrial ovens/dryers, no frost refrigeration systems, and glass lined equipment. We can solve your process needs with repair and replacement or assist with complete system design.

Our equipment and parts are offered nationally. Field Service and maintenance, is offered in Indiana(not just Southern), Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Michigan while our service and maintenance is offered nationwide. All of our equipment is customized to meet your production needs.




Cooling Tower

Glass Lined Vessels & Reactors

Heat Exchangers

Condensers & Evaporators

Industrial Ovens & Dryers

Plating & Anodizing Products

Pumps & Valves

Tanks & Reactors

Tank Cleaning Equipment


Wet Surface Air Coolers

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