Electric Conveyor Ovens and Dryers

  • Custom built to your exact process specifications.
  • Incorporates infrared, convection air, or both for curing and drying your products.
  • 18″ to 84″ widths and 5′ to 100+’ lengths.
  • Temperatures up to 550 Deg F (288 Deg C).
  • Single, split, and dual direction belts.
  • Wire, fiberglass, silicone and other fabric belts.
  • Digital temperature and belt speed controls.
  • Audible alarm and lights to indicate any temperature changes of your product.
  • In-house manufactured infrared heat panels.
  • High velocity air knives to efficiently cure and dry.
  • Up to 97% hot air recirculation to save on energy costs.
  • Triple wall insulation to contain the heat.
  • ETL and CE certifications available.
  • Optional robotic pick/ place and post coolers available.

Gas Conveyor Ovens and Dryers

HIX Thermatrol gas fired conveyor dryers are simply the best. Utilizing 48 years of experience, HIX has engineered a more energy efficient gas dryer than competitors. An energy efficient 300,000 BTU burner is used in conjuction with a fresh air combustion blower that allows the dryer to recirculate most of the oven chamber heat. This design is much more efficient than “total loss” exhausting models. This also saves energy that a HVAC unit heating or cooling a building would use in reheating or recooling the air that goes into the dryer.

Thermatrol Gas Conveyor Oven Features:

  • Energy efficient 300,000 BTU burner.
  • Single speed recirculating air system.
  • Fresh air combustion blower lowers NOx and CO emmission output.
  • Analog belt speed control and digital temperature control.
  • High resolution gas modulating valve allows temperature to stay within +/-5 degrees F of set point.
  • Manual reset high temperature limit switch, combustion air proving switch, recirculating air proving switch, exhaust air proving switch, and flame safeguard control.
  • Easy access filters for cleaning and removable top panels make it convenient for maintaining.
  • Natural gas or propane models available.
  • Built to UL-795 standard for commercial gas fired ovens

Industrial Oven Accessories

HIX Ovens & Dryers are custom built to your needs and specifications with many features and options available to accommodate a large variety of process heating applications. Our customizable features can be added to any electric oven, gas conveyor oven, or any other industrial dryer in between.

  • Robotic Interface
  • Sensors / Monitoring
  • Feed Chutes / Distribution
  • Filtration
  • Control Boxes
  • Air Knives
  • Heat Curtains
  • Heater Elements
  • Dual Feed
  • Blowers – Multiple Configuration
  • Conveyor Belts & Systems
  • Custom Fixtures
  • Turn Around Conveyor Systems
  • Auxiliary Conveyor with Side Work Tables
  • Modular Design
Batch oven

Batch Ovens & Cabinet Ovens

HIX can custom build any type of batch or cabinet oven to meet your curing, drying, sterilizing, aging, or other critical process application requirements. Our engineering design team can build everything from cabinet and single batch ovens, to walk-in/drive-in ovens.

  • Custom built to your exact process specifications
  • Walk in or product place in styles.
  • Convection air and infrared systems available.
  • Filtered air to remove dust and impurities from entering your product.
  • Digital or analog time and temperature controls.
  • Audible alarm and lights to indicate any temperature fluctuations.
  • Recirculating air systems to save energy costs.
  • Exhaust ducts to vent away any fumes.
  • Mobile or stationary units.
  • Shelving or hanging options can be worked into the design.
  • ETL and CE certifications available.

For more information or questions regarding Industrial Ovens and Dryers, contact us at 502-297-0142