Hi speed disc stack separators are used for separating fluids with different densities or used to separate particles from liquids. Due to the centrifugal force in separators, the fluid/particles with the greatest density collect in the outer periphery of the separator bowl. Both fluid phases are then discharged through separate outlets with any solids discharged at the bottom.

Decanter centrifuges are used to separate solids from liquid. These decanter centrifuges use a bowl and rotating scroll to separate the solids. The solids are dewatered as they continue up an inclined beach and exit out the decanter through a chute. The liquid exits the decanter through weirs at the opposite end from the solids chute.

Alfa Laval has comprehensive know-how in the design of the disc stack and decanter centrifuges in a wide range of industries.



Alfie centrifugal separators remove the contaminating oil, grease and solid particles from coolants used in industry, helping prevent tool wear and avoid disposal problems.



The emmie comprises a trolley-mounted centrifugal separator and electrical oil heater for use on ships. Moved between marine hydraulic systems, it removes water and 99% of all particles from oil, increasing oil service life and system reliability.



Alfa Laval’s unparalleled decanter centrifuge technology has paved the way for a series of ground-breaking innovations, all based on proven technology renowned for reliability. Together, these ensure a unique combination of better performance and lower energy consumption, resulting in lower operating costs than ever before.

The ALDEC G3 is built around the Slimline design – a breakthrough in decanter centrifuge performance and capabilities. The smaller conveyor diameter makes room for more liquid in the pond, and allows higher bowl wall pressures, resulting in either drier cake or using less polymer.
Patented Alfa Laval Power Plates also effectively reduce the power consumption of ALDEC G3 decanter centrifuges, making a big contribution to cost savings.

Multiple benefits

The ALDEC G3 range ensures:

  • Lower power consumption (which also greatly reduces CO2 emissions)
  • 10% boost in processing capacity – or drier cake
  • Reductions in life cycle costs
  • More efficient bio-solids handling
  • Better process monitoring and control

The ALDEC G3 decanter centrifuge design provides significantly improved separation results and better control of all the variables – using up to 40% less energy. Lower power consumption saves money as well as improving the environmental profile of any dewatering or thickening operation.